Questions to Ask When Choosing a Solar Service Provider

Commercial solar repair

When hiring a solar service provider, you should never be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes, the answers to your queries will reveal a lot about the solar repair company Massachusetts.

To help you out, we compiled some of the must-ask questions when scouting for a solar provider.

How many installations have you done?

The number of installations the provider has done speaks of two things: their experience and reliability. Here at Beacon Solar, we take pride in our 12 years of experience and thousands of solar systems installed.

A contractor with numerous installations also means you can easily find feedback on their service. This will help you gauge if the provider is suitable for your solar needs.

Do you provide solar panel repair and maintenance?

It’s not enough that the contractor provides and installs the panels. They should also offer continuous maintenance and repairs in the future. This will save you from the hassle of looking for a separate contractor when your solar power system experiences glitches.

What size of the solar system does my home need?

The answer to this differs per home. Still, an expert solar company will ask about your family’s energy consumption.

Mostly, a square foot of solar power can produce 10 watts of power a day if exposed to direct sunlight. From there, the provider will size up the system and calculate the panels needed.

Aside from your wattage requirements, we will also consider the roof space available. We will also factor in the amount of sunlight your roof gets.

What warranties do you provide?

Whether you’re hiring residential or commercial solar repair in Massachusetts, the provider should provide a comprehensive warranty.

Here at Beacon Solar, we offer up to 25 years of warranty for our systems. We guarantee that our workmanship will make you eligible for tax and state incentives.

As you know, solar power systems come at a price. It’s important to protect your investments from potential glitches and technical problems in the future.

Are you certified?

You should only deal with properly registered and licensed solar power providers. Here at Beacon Solar, we are NABCEP-accredited and state-licensed. We are also fully registered to provide solar system installation and residential solar panel maintenance in Massachusetts.

Can you explain the rebates and incentives I’m eligible for?

Here at Beacon Solar, our job doesn’t stop after installing your solar power system. We take the extra mile of explaining potential incentives and rewards you can get from the state.

Our technicians will help you understand the perks and rewards where you qualify. It’s part of our pledge to deliver low-cost energy to every home in Massachusetts.

As a solar installer and solar repair company in Massachusetts, we are more than willing to discuss it with you. If you have questions or concerns, our lines are always open, and our team is ready to assist.

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