Meet Your Local Solar Leader

For over 14 years Beacon Solar has installed thousands of solar systems on happy customers’ homes and businesses.

Cape Cod Solar

Beacon provides the latest solar panel options while keeping your solar install cost low! 

Residential Solar

Have you ever wondered what the costs of solar panels would be? At Beacon we can assist you with all the cost of your Cape Cod solar installation. Residential solar panel costs can vary, this is why Beacon offers free in-home consultations.

Commercial Solar

Are you a business owner and looking at what the cost to install solar panels are? Look no further Beacon is helping so many local Cape Cod business with their solar installations costs.

Solar in Massachusetts

In, 2007 Beacon Solar was established to deliver high quality solar in MA. Moreover, Beacon has offered the most competitive solar panel installation cost in Cape Cod. Beacon is committed to explaining all of the solar panel cost and all of the Mass Solar incentives. Mass Solar offers many tax incentives and rebates that you can take advantage of today.

The cost of installing solar panels can vary due to certain factors. Let Beacon Solar explain the cost of installing solar panels with our free in-home consultation. Are you ready to start saving on your Cape Code solar home project?

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  • Industry Leader Since 2007
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$500 No Money Down Options

Beacon is excited to offer all new Cape Cod solar installation a $500 instant rebate. Also being your local MA solar company we will work with you to get all off the Massachusetts solar rebates and incentives. Moreover, we can assist you with taking advantage of the solar Smart Program. If you are tired of the high energy bills your home in the Cape, why not go Solar? We understand your energy concerns and would like to lower your energy bills with solar. There are currently so many reasons to take your home or business solar. Find out why Beacon can get your utility costs under control.

Rebates and Incentives in Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts’ Residential Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit for a 15% rebate, capped at $1,000, as well as the federal solar tax credit of 30% off the costs of new installations through the year 2019.
  • The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) offers low-interest (Interest Rate Buy-Downs, IRBD), fixed-rate loans plus loan support (Income-Based Loan Support, IBLS) of up to 30% for income-qualified residents.
  • Performance incentives through the Green Communities Act, where the electricity that you produce creates an income stream for you on top of your reduced electricity bills.