"Top-Notch Service"

      Excellent, our solar company filed bankruptcy, and Mike at Beacon Solar came promptly to assess. Arranged for warranty swap of inverter and had the work completed successfully! Beacon Solar team is outstanding! Everyone was professional, courteous, and promptly fixed our problem! Highly recommend Beacon Solar! Top-notch! Especially since the original solar company left us with zero options for service.

      Past Customer
      "On Time and Always Clean"

      Needed service as the company I originally hired went out of business. My whole system went down and had no one to call. I searched the web and found Beacon Solar. They came out right away and looked at my system, contacted the manufacturer for me, and had my system back up and running in no time. I would highly recommend Beacon Solar for service on your solar system.

      Past Customer
      "Long Lasting Customers"

      We've had the opportunity to work with Beacon Solar many times over the past few years. They've helped consult, educate and build long-lasting relationships with homeowners as well as local businesses in just the last few years that we've worked together; with many more years to come.

      Any client we have had the privilege to work with together has always been glad they chose Beacon Solar as their local solar provider.

      Past Customer
      "Smooth Experience"

      Beacon came through for us, reinstalling some panels that had been removed for roof work. When our contract was sold to a different company before they could be reinstalled, Beacon was there. Just wanted to thank them for a truly professional and smooth experience. I highly recommend them for the work they did and hope we get to work with them in the future. Thank you!

      Past Customer
      "Top-Notch Company"

      I can't say enough great things about this company. From the owner to the installation crew: professional, polite, timely, and thorough. They had me scheduled for a 2-day install and they finished ahead of schedule (42 panels with a complete battery backup). It was a herculean effort and I'm very satisfied with the installation!

      They showed up at the time they planned to and cleaned up before they left every day (they even picked up some of my leaves left under a hose container by the meter!). The top-notch company, I would highly recommend them for your solar installation needs!!

      Randy Y.
      "Above & Beyond Service"

      Beacon Solar came in with a very competitive price. Their electrician went above and beyond to complete a difficult job. Their head salesman, Mike Goulart, was extremely helpful in explaining the details of the project and its benefits and made himself immediately available by phone and email to answer follow-up questions. He gave me his word that the same would be true going forward, giving me real peace of mind should anything go wrong. The installation was professional and done in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the job done by everyone at Beacon.

      "High Quality Work"

      Mike and the Beacon Solar team did a great job with our installation. Being in the construction field there were certain things I wanted to be done my way. Not only were they very accommodating, and professional they worked around my schedule so that the finished product was exactly what I needed. Quality and service is what it is all about. If you are looking for that, look no further than Beacon Solar. Sales, installation, and 1st class service are what they bring, and I highly recommend them for any of your solar needs.

      Kevin F.
      "Fast Installation"

      I had solar on my house already, but I wanted a propane generator for the house in case of outages. Since I had solar, I decided to also look into battery storage options and found Beacon Solar. In the end, with solar credits and considering the cost of propane, service calls, etc., I landed on a battery for the solar system at a comparable cost and picked the Tesla wall. It’s allowing us to power our home from solar during the day, and then at night with the battery from the excess solar our system produces. In the event of a storm, this battery will kick in and power our house just like a generator. Mike and the team at Beacon made the install process fast, on time and answered all of my questions on how a system like this works. The layout was seamless, and they even moved my inverter to create a clean and compact “grid” in my basement. Couldn’t be happier with the product, the installation, or the service. They certainly know what they are doing and I highly recommend them for any solar or storage needs.

      Ryan P.
      "Very Efficient and Neat"

      Michael at Beacon was very easy to work with and guided us through many aspects of owning and maintaining our solar system.

      Past Customer
      "Highly Recommended"

      Sales, planning, and installation work were excellent. Years later Bacon's Mike Goulart is still involved and responsive to any questions, concerns, or issues.

      Past Customer
      "Awesome Company"

      Awesome company. Clay & Eric that showed up to fix my solar did an awesome job in a timely manner. The communication with Mike was great. I would definitely recommend it.

      Past Customer
      "Highly Recommended"

      Hiring Beacon solar was one of the best things I did. I combined their solar system with the Generac battery backup system. Best thing I ever did. Highly recommended. Use Shauna as your rep she doesn’t just sell the product she works with you during the entire process and even keeps in contact as she monitors my system. I was a customer of Vivint Solar for 6 years and Beacon Solar is hands down the best so far.

      Joseph P.
      "Excellent Customer Service!"

      This team was very professional and has excellent customer service. They took over on my solar project when the original company that installed it went out of business. Beacon worked closely with the company that financed my installation to get the system up and running. I highly recommend them!

      Ken R.
      "Finished on Schedule"

      Our roof unexpectedly needed to be replaced and the solar panels taken down and replaced after the roof was done. Mike Goulart from Beacon Solar took over the project and arranged it from start to finish. He was communicative and kept us up to date. All finish dates were met in a timely manner and the work was done well. I would absolutely recommend Beacon Solar to anyone. Bob Evans, Swansea, MA. In addition, Mike discovered eleven micro-inverters that were not functioning. One-third of our system was nonfunctional. Once again Mike arranged for the to be replaced under warranty. This is what customer service is about.

      Bob E.
      "Customer Service is Top Priority"

      After being without a company to trust to service my solar system...and waiting endlessly and feeling like I was pleading with a company to come service my system...I'm still in shock that I was lucky enough to call Beacon and speak to Mike.....what a difference a few days makes... I now have a great company looking out for my investment!!! Mike made me feel very comfortable with his attentiveness and knowledge of exactly what my system needed...Clay came out and was excellent in servicing my system....as an avid do it yourself it's a rare pleasure to work with a company that does it as well as I would!!! Thank you Beacon Solar!!!

      Fernando P.
      "Great Experience"

      Putting a new roof on my house as well as removing and reinstalling the solar panels could have been an intimidating experience during the Pandemic. Michael and his crew smoothed the way and were very helpful and professional.

      Warren B.
      "Quick and Efficient Service"

      Michael has been very helpful in helping with a solar panel issue.  The company that the panel was bought from has gone out of business and Michael gave me a great solution with the maintenance and monitoring program.  The service technician came out in a  timely manner to fix the issue.  I am very satisfied with the service and now I have the peace of mind that if the panel fails, I have good contact.

      Stephen S.
      "Very Nice Group of People"

      In the end, I am very happy with the service I received from Beacon Solar. Mike took the time to explain solar and pretty much took care of everything that needed to be done. He also explained the tax credits, programs available to us, and how to use those for our benefit. The crew that installed my solar system was some of the best people I have ever met. They took pride in their work and left my home in the same condition it was before they started.

      Overall I must say going solar with Beacon Solar was a great decision and experience.

      "Quick Response Time"

      Had a problem with Sunny Boys. Other Solar Companies were not responsive. Beacon responded immediately and made an appointment for a technician to come out. The technician was very knowledgeable and prompt. Restored service quickly. Would highly recommend this company for all your solar needs.

      Allen T.
      "Amazing Customer Service"

      We had our system fail out of the blue... our original installer went into bankruptcy. We reached out to Beacon Solar and Mike promptly notified Us!
      Mike went above and beyond to assess our system and get us to be monitored properly. We’re left by Sungevity with nothing that we had been promised. No maintenance of our system. We cannot be more thankful to Mike at Beacon Solar for his kindness and initiating folks to provide help under our original warranty. Highly recommend Beacon Solar & Mike!

      Nancy S.