How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

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Proper solar panel maintenance will increase the lifespan of your system. It will also reduce your operational costs due to fewer repairs and glitches. While solar power systems generate electricity even if they aren’t working at 100%, you must never skimp on maintenance checks. You can hire a solar repair company in Massachusetts like Beacon Solar to handle regular maintenance requirements. But there are things you can do yourself. The following tips can help you maintain your solar panels.

How do you maintain solar panels?

Solar panels don’t need frequent servicing, but it doesn’t mean you can erect them and then forget them. You must perform the following maintenance drills:

Keep it out of shade:

Always check for growing tree branches that may block direct sunlight from getting into the panels. Remember that panels kept in the shade for long will be inefficient at creating electricity when they are finally exposed to sunlight.

Keep the birds away:

Birds like pigeons will nest under solar panels and their acidic poop will damage the system.

Clean it once in a while:

Your solar panels bear the brunt of outdoor elements. You can enlist the help of a residential solar panel maintenance company in Massachusetts if you can’t perform manual cleaning yourself.

Regular inspection:

Even if your solar panels are in tip-top shape, it pays to check them from time to time. Use a ladder to climb to your roof and take a peek at your solar power system. This will help you to diagnose small issues before they cause a major problem.

Watch out for pollen buildup:

Massachusetts and Rhode Island experience increased pollen levels during summer. Pollen can build up on solar panels and corrode electronic components over time.

Remove the ice:

During winter, solar panels need at least a 15-degree tilt for melted snow to fall off. You’ll need to remove snow yourself if your solar panels are not angled that way.

Do solar panels need to be serviced?

Solar panels are fairly low-maintenance pieces of equipment. However, large-scale systems used by commercial establishments may require more frequent servicing than residential panels.

In general, your solar panels require servicing at least two to three times a year, depending on how harsh the outdoor conditions can be. You should hire residential and commercial solar repair in Massachusetts in-between seasons to check for potential damages.

Hiring professional solar panel services to inspect your panels will save you from the hassle and guesswork of doing it yourself. Here at Beacon Solarwe offer a complete solar power service for everyone in Massachusetts. We cater to both residential and commercial systems as well as energy storage systems.

We’ve been in the solar power industry since 2007, serving residential and commercial clients across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our technicians conduct necessary inspections, repairs, and tune-ups to ensure that your solar panels are always in excellent working order.

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