Solar Maintenance

Massachusetts Solar Maintenance 

Optimizing Energy Production in Rhode Island & Southern CT With Solar Panel Service

Solar panels can provide a reliable source of renewable energy for 25 years or more. Keeping your solar panel system well maintained is important to avoid the expense of solar repair. At Beacon Solar Construction, Inc., we offer solar maintenance in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern CT for residential solar panel and commercial solar panel systems. You can count on us to keep your panels maintained all year long. 

Please contact us at (508) 570-5889 to learn more about our solar panel service plans and to schedule an appointment. 

Keeping Your Solar Panels Clean 

Your solar panel system is a big investment. We can help you get the most from it with regular cleaning, maintenance, and inspections. The outdoor elements can take a toll on residential and commercial solar panels. As debris builds up on the solar panels, the ability of the system to absorb sunlight is negatively affected. Removing the debris from the solar panels and keeping them clean is essential for optimal energy production. 

Solar panel products can be diminished by a buildup of: 

  • Leaves 
  • Dirt 
  • Dust 
  • Bird droppings 
  • Snow and ice in the winter months 

Solar panels should be cleaned about two to four times each year for optimal performance. You can use a leaf blower, soft broom, or garden hose to clean off the panels and remove dirt. However, for proper cleaning that is safe and effective, we recommend calling for professional maintenance. We use cleaning methods that will get the job done without harming the panels. 

Monitoring the System 

Monitoring the performance of your solar panels allows you to see your cost savings in real-time and detect potential issues. We offer solar monitoring with real-time charts that show your solar panel system production. A reduction in energy generation can indicate a potential problem with your system. Identifying these issues early gives you the opportunity to fix small problems as they arise. 

In addition to our maintenance service plans, we offer a monitoring app that is helpful for keeping your energy production at peak levels and your electric bills as low as possible. The app is available for both iOS and Android, so you can use the monitoring system with any smartphone or compatible device. 

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Professional Solar Panel System Inspections 

Aside from cleaning and monitoring your system, regular professional inspections are important for detecting problems early.

How Often Should Solar Panel Service Include an Inspection?

You should have your solar panel system inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year. Professional inspections allow problems to be detected early and fixed quickly. This can prevent larger repairs and maximize the life of your system. 

At Beacon Solar Construction, Inc., we conduct yearly inspections for solar maintenance in Massachusetts. During our inspections, we will carefully assess the performance of your system to determine if anything needs to be replaced or fixed. Making these minor repairs helps to ensure optimal electrical generation for your solar panel system.

Contact us by telephone at (508) 570-5889 to set up an appointment for professional solar maintenance.